Leprosy Treatment @Samarpan Foundation

We as a team are not only drawn to treat the leprosy patients but we also work on the skill development of the leprosy patients to make them economically self-sufficient as they can earn a living with respect and honor in the society.

What We Do?

Leprosy is a contagious disease associated with poverty and unhygienic condition that affects the skin and can cause a lack of ability to feel pain. It is caused by slow-multiplying bacteria, Mycobacterium leprae, which starts by damaging the small nerves in the skin’s surface resulting in discolored patches with loss of sensation and till date there is no vaccination or primary prevention of this disease. Nearly 3 million people in India have visible leprosy disabilities and deformities caused due to delay in treatment.

We in Samarpan Foundation Trust, a non-profit charitable organization is engaged in helping leprosy patients and their families who are compelled to live an inhuman life filled with hatred and poverty. We are devoted to selfless quality service to leprosy patients with healthcare facilities, education to their children and empowerment of disabled patients for the betterment of the society.

We Care:

We have developed programs to generate awareness for leprosy among the common public by conducting various diagnosis camps and running awareness campaigns through which we explain methods to avoid such a disease by promoting cleanliness in their surrounding area, avoidance of ignorance, regular health check-ups, and treatment of patients diagnosed with leprosy bacteria.

We Treat:

We are devoted to providing quality medical treatment, free of cost in our healthcare center at Tahirpur, Delhi. We provide a wide range of healthcare services through MDT medication, wound dressing via bandage to avoid further vascular damage and provide steroids and injections. We also help serious leprosy patients by taking them to hospitals for further treatment like reconstruction surgery and tendon transfer along with post operational follow-ups and physiotherapy. In addition, we also provide them with psychological treatment to motivate them and bring a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility to lead a better life.

Healthcare Centre

We at Samarpan Foundation Trust manage our own Chikitsa Kendra in Tahirpur, Delhi having an area of 560 sq. meters equipped to provide healthcare services to 100-120 leprosy patients every day. Along with that we also provide the patients with spiritual support, prevention of disability and rehabilitation for optimal physical, psychological and social functioning.

Diagnosis & Awareness Camps

We are committed to generate awareness among the common public about leprosy and organize free of cost diagnosis camps for check-ups, Lepromin Skin Test for timely detection of leprosy disease and provide the affected patients with dressing kits and M.D.T medicines.