According to the World Health Organization, around 2 billion people still lack access to proper sanitation facilities. It is said that only 16% of women in India have access to sanitary napkins.

When we talk about India, another major hurdle is that 82% of females lack knowledge about a sanitary napkin. Even more so, well-educated women are also unaware of healthy hygiene practices during their periods. Poor menstrual hygiene can pose a major risk and also put women at risk of developing illnesses.

In keeping view this problem and it’s negative impact to women’s health SAMARPAN FOUNDATION TRUST taken an initiative “NAARI SHAKTI” for women residing Leprosy complex and slums  to aware them about menstrual hygiene.

Under this initiative we distribute Sanitary Napkins to the women and adolescent girls FREE OF COST.

Sanitary Napkins are available round the clock through dispense kiosk installed at SAMARPAN CHIKITSA KENDRA in Delhi’s Tahirpur.

And We also distribute Sanitary Napkins in various Leprosy Complex and Slum areas in Northern India through our MOBILE CLINIC.